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Social Media And Digital Skills Training

Significantly improve your digital and social media skills. Our professional, tailored training – from social to video content – delivered by seasoned experts.


Discover our range of expert-led training courses

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  •  Social Media Training and Mentoring

    Social Media Training and Mentoring

    Octave Digital specialises in bespoke social media training based on the needs of each business. Find out more about our approach, client base, and recommendations!

    Social Media Training and Mentoring →
  •  Video Training Service

    Video Training Service (Camera Based)

    Gain the practical skills to produce high-quality short videos on your own. Our video training course teaches you everything you need to know to create your own video content.

    Video Training Service (Camera Based) →
  •  Video Training Service

    Smartphone Video Training

    In our Smartphone Video Training course, you will learn how to produce great quality video content on your Smartphone. Delivered by a professional videographer, we can teach you the skills to storyboard, shoot and edit video content.

    Smartphone Video Training →
  •  Facebook Training

    Facebook Fundamentals Training

    Quickly develop practical skills to grow your following, improve content, and leverage Facebook ads.

    Facebook Fundamentals Training →
  •  Instagram Training

    Instagram Fundamentals Training

    Storytell visually – by developing the skills and knowledge to utilise Instagram, the second most popular social media network in the UK and Ireland

    Instagram Fundamentals Training →
  •  Twitter Training

    Twitter Fundamentals Training

    Highly practical course to help you quickly learn how to use Twitter effectively focusing on key features, etiquette and growing a following.”

    Twitter Fundamentals Training →
  •  Linkedin Training

    Linkedin Fundamentals Training

    Quickly build practical skills and knowledge to successfully use LinkedIn – the world’s most important business and professional social media network.

    LinkedIn Fundamentals Training →
  •  Linkedin Training

    LinkedIn Advertising Training

    Learn how to deep target professionals across the world’s biggest business social media network with our LinkedIn Advertising Training.

    LinkedIn Advertising Training →
  •  Linkedin Training

    LinkedIn For Employability

    Utilising Linkedin to Improve Your Employability, Discover Opportunities and Get Hired

    LinkedIn for Employability Training →
  •  Linkedin Training

    LinkedIn for HR and Recruiters Training

    Our LinkedIn for Recruitment online training course will provide you with the skills you need: from the fundamentals to advanced recruitment!

    LinkedIn for HR and Recruiters Training →
  •  Linkedin Training

    LinkedIn for Lead Generation

    Our LinkedIn for Lead Generation is a one-day in-house training workshop that will give you the practical skills and knowledge to successfully use LinkedIN for business development and sales.

    LinkedIn for Lead Generation →
  • Smartphone Photography Training

    In our Smartphone Photography Course, we will teach attendees how to take and edit high-quality, impactful photos – using smartphones.

    Smartphone Photography Training →
  •  Social Media for Customer Service

    Social Media for Customer Service

    Bespoke training for customer service teams. Improve your strategy and skills for managing customer complaints and interactions via social media

    Social Media for Customer Service →


“Paul delivered an excellent online Linkedin training session to our marketing team. It was clear, comprehensive, and interactive. I loved the fact we actually used the training course to develop some live LinkedIn ads as this proved very beneficial and great use of the time. I would highly recommend Paul and Octave Digital for LinkedIn training!”

Elaine Tighe, FSCOM