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Smartphone Video Training


Training Content

In our Smartphone Video Training Sessions, you will learn how to produce great quality video content on your Smartphone. Delivered by a professional videographer, we can teach you the skills to storyboard, shoot and edit video content…

Choice of:

  • Delivered in-house over 1.5 days
  • Delivered online – Four sessions of 1.5 hours

Session 1:

Analysis of well made corporate promotional pieces to illustrate best practice in capturing and editing videos. This can include analysing any past videos made by participants and how they can be improved upon.

We will cover a comprehensive, practical how-to on the following elements:

  • How to operate a camera in different situations
  • Shutter angle and motion
  • Composition – the Rule of Thirds
  • Choice of location and background
  • Sound – best practice in recording clean sound
  • Straight recording vs dual audio recording
  • Lighting – the three point lighting technique


Each participant / team will write a treatment and film a mock corporate video and apply what was learned in a real world scenario. This will involve participants interviewing each other / themselves or a family member and filming relevant cutaways as per their storyboard / script.

Session 2:

Part 1:

Review of the footage captured during the week and realtime feedback. Listening to feedback on their own work and also the work of other participants will help solidify and bring to life all that was learned in session 1.

Part 2:

Introduction to editing including media management and basic editing techniques in Davinci Resolve.


Each participant to re-shoot elements of their previous efforts as needed based on feedback from the trainer.

Session 3:

Each participant will edit their corporate film in Davinci Resolve and learn advanced editing techniques, including:

  • Applying effects, transitions and retiming clips
  • Zooming in and repositioning a shot
  • Stabilising a shaky shot
  • Changing the colour of a shot
  • Adding lower thirds
  • Adding subtitles
  • Where to source copyright free music and how to mix it into your video.

Session 4:

A continuation of editing allowing participants to ask the trainer questions in breakout rooms. This will be followed with a screening including trainer feedback of each corporate video made.

Equipment and Tech Requirements:

Participants will need a:

Octave Digital’s Smartphone Video Training is delivered by a highly experienced video director, and producer specialising in video production training. We have previously delivered highly impactful video training to:

  • Enniskillen Castle
  • RSM Accountancy Ireland
  • The Roads Safety Authority Ireland
  • The Arts Council of Northern Ireland
  • Housing Rights Service NI


I wish to recommend Octave Digital for their film production and direction work and also as a tutor. They facilitated a two day course at the Arts Council offices and provided us with an extremely comprehensive overview of the practices and processes involved in film production. They were highly organised, had a clear and defined agenda for the course and early established our organisational requirements and objectives.

Since the training the Arts Council has been able to produce a number of short videos on a range of initiatives which has allows us to promote and support the development of the arts sector in Northern Ireland in a new way, and we would very much recommend Octave Digital to those who are hoping to undertake similar training programmes or who are looking to improve the quality of their video based content.

Donal Monaghan Digital Content Officer Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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