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Social Media Network Usage In Ireland 2017 – Latest Figures from Ipsos MRBI


The latest Ipsos MRBI Social Media Tracker for 2017 has been released and highlights a sharp increase in the usage of social media messaging apps including WhatsApp and SnapChat across Ireland together with the high rates of daily usage for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The research, produced annually by Ipsos MRBI tracks the usage of social media networks and messenger apps across Ireland via its Omnipoll service which interviews a sample of 1,000 adults in Ireland aged 15+


Social Media Account Ownership In Ireland 2017

The key highlights of the social media accounts tracker are:

  • Facebook continues to be the dominant social network in Ireland – with 64% of people using it
  • Daily use of Facebook remains very high at 74%
  • An increase of 4 points in Twitter account ownership with daily use by one third of account users.
  • Instagram account ownership rises to 28%, a 10-point increase since Feb ’17


Social Media Network Usage In Ireland 20

The research highlights a number of key trends, most notably the continued increase in visual-based social media networks – Instagram and Pinterest.

Facebook continues to benefit from high levels of stickiness with nearly 75% of users accessing the network daily. The daily usage figure for Facebook is much higher than other social media networks and other findings show the length of time users spend on Facebook per day at around 50 minutes – outstripping other networks very significantly. The power of Facebook Inc is bolstered further by their ownership of Instagram – a network that has also witnessed huge growth in the past two years and also benefits from a high degree of stickiness with 56% of users logging in daily. Indeed, daily usage and time spent on site are becoming very important factors to consider when evaluating the benefits of advertising and marketing on social media networks.


Social Media Messenger Use In Ireland 2017

Popular usage of messenger apps has increased significantly in the last few years and the Ipsos MRBI Tracker showing large usage rises in three key messenger apps – Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat:

  • Facebook and WhatsApp gained 3% increase in usage – to 58% and 56% respectively
  • Snapchat usage is very strong with 29% of people in Ireland now using it

And it’s snapchat that comes out as the leading social media messenger service for time spent on site – with a very impressive 70% of users accessing it daily.


Social Media Messenger Usage In Ireland 2017

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