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Video Training Ireland


Does your team require the practical skills to produce great quality short videos in-house without relying on external video companies?

Octave Digital provide a video production training service designed especially to fully boost in-house skills. Delivered by a highly experienced video director and trainer who will ensure your team can successfully plan, shoot, and edit their own in-house video content.

Key Benefits

Our video training course is one of our most sought after courses and is delivered across Ireland.

We have successfully delivered video training to organisations including The Southern Assembly, RSM Accountancy Ireland, The Roads Safety Authority Ireland, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland,  and the Housing Rights Service NI, helping them to:

  • Understand the range and cost options for video equipment
  • Learn practical production and editing skills from an established video director and trainer
  • Learn how to promote their videos content online


Video Training Delivery Options – Online vs In-Person

Our video training course is delivered in-person or online.

The online version of the course is available internationally and will bring you (and colleagues if required) from having zero / limited knowledge through to teaching you everything you need to do practically to create short videos. The course contains a wide variety of examples and practical exercises – and you’ll be guided every step of the way in creating your own content. The online course  follows all the core learning elements set out below. Online courses also recorded – so you’ll have a copy to review at any stage you like.

We facilitate shorter sessions for the online delivery version and the course can be divided into a number of sessions – typically four in total.

In-person courses are typically delivered at the client’s location – and we deliver the service all over Ireland.


Video Training Service Outline

Typically our in-house video training course consists of the following elements:

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Camera Operation
  • Video Production
  • Video Content Editing
  • Promoting Your Videos Effectively

Training Needs Assessment

We will meet with you to assess your requirements and team skills in video production. As part of this short process we will review:

  • Any video content you have produced
  • Individual team experience in producing video content
  • Existing camera and video editing equipment / future investment

Camera Operation

We start off the training session with a comprehensive, practical how-to on the following elements:

  • How to operate a camera in different situations
  • Shutter angle and motion
  • Composition – the Rule of Thirds
  • Choice of location
  • Sound – best practice in recording clean sound
  • Straight recording vs dual audio recording
  • Lighting – options and the three point lighting technique

Video Production

Using Final Cut Pro (or chosen programme), your team will learn how to master the following areas:

  • Media management
  • Basic editing techniques including three point editing
  • Applying effects, transitions and retiming clips
  • Zooming in and repositioning a shot
  • Stabilising a shaky shot

Video Content Editing

After the team has learned to shoot the content effectively, the team will edit the footage, focussing on telling the story clearly and effectively, adding titles and music where appropriate, and upload the videos onto the internet.

Video editing and training

Video Training Services  Brochure


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“I wish to recommend Octave Digital for their film production and direction work and also as a tutor. They facilitated a two-day course at the Arts Council offices and provided us with an extremely comprehensive overview of the practices and processes involved in film production. We would very much recommend Octave to those who are hoping to undertake similar training programs or who are looking to improve the quality of their video-based content.”

Donal Monaghan, Digital Content Officer, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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