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Social Media Training and Mentoring


Octave Digital offers a full suite of social media training – delivered online. Clients benefit from:

  • Focus: Smaller groups with more opportunities for one-to-one attention
  • Materials: Gain a recording of the training and the course slides
  • Flexibility: Shorter classes available online – typically less than 1.5 hour sessions
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We offer a bespoke online version of all social media courses.

All our online courses are based on the same core features of our training, including:

  • Needs Assessed: Based on a training needs assessment
  • Bespoke content tailored for the needs of each client
  • Practical Exercises based on relevant client scenarios
  • Provision of course materials
  • Opportunities for Q+As
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Who It’s Designed For:

Our Online Social Media Training is designed for clients who require flexibility. In the light of the increasing volumes of staff working from home – our online training delivery has seen a huge spike in demand.

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Training Format

Training Needs Assessment: All quality training starts with a training needs assessment. Prior to the training, we shall assess the key learning outcomes.

Outline: Agree a training outline for staff including relevant bespoke materials and exercises

Scheduling: Agree online training dates

Course Delivery: Delivery via a leading online training platform featuring a blend of course leader presentation, industry examples, discussions and Q&As, Exercises and feedback

Feedback: feedback on training and learning outcomes

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