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Pinterest Training


Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows people to save visuals on themes, such as travel destinations, fashion ideas or favourite food recipes.

You can set up Boards around these themes easily view the content which is linked to external websites and blogs. Pinterest is also a social media network, where you can engage and interact with the content and shares with friends and others.

Value for Brands and Businesses – Marketing Opportunities

If you thought Pinterest was only used occasionally for DIY ideas – then think again!

Pinterest is now a major social media network used by 300 million people worldwide. Approximately 36% of adults in the UK and 22% in the Republic of Ireland.

It has definite benefits for businesses, as Pinterest is:

  • A powerful search engine that is very popular for people searching for ideas and products
  • A place where people actively researching, often to purchase a product

Outline of Training

Pinterest is quite different from other social media platforms, although it does share some characteristics. As such Pinterest and how to market effectively on it can be a real challenge for people – who often give up before they realise the full benefits.

That’s where we come in. Our training will enable you to quickly understand and use the main features of Pinterest, the marketing opportunities and to develop an action plan for your business.

Training Format and Options

Our training delivery is designed to be flexible around your needs. Octave Digital offers a number of options, including:

(1) In-House Delivery: One or two half-day sessions (depending on learning needs)

(2) Online Training Delivery: Typically, three one hour sessions with practical exercises completed in between sessions.


Pinterest business profile by Octave Digital Ireland

Training Outline

Pinterest Key Features and Content:

  • Understanding Pinterest
  • Options for Profile Bios
  • Following people and brands
  • Creating Boards
  • Pinning to Boards
  • Managing Boards and Pins
  • Pinning Etiquette

Effective Marketing on Pinterest

  • Pinterest for Business
  • Examples of Pinterest Marketing Best Practice (from your own industry)
  • Tips on content and engagement
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Pinterest
  • Linking Pinterest to a Website and Etsy
  • Creating a Content and Marketing Plan for your Business
Pinterest business profile by Octave Digital Ireland

Quickly build skills and confidence on Pinterest – contact us now to talk through your needs

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