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Instagram Training


Octave Digital’s Instagram Training will allow you to develop highly valuable practical skills and a clear understanding of the marketing opportunities.

Instagram is now the second most popular social media network in the UK and Ireland. Its use has sky-rocketed since 2017 with over 44% of UK and 40% of Irish adults now using it. Instagram user time-spent-on-site is very high as many users utilise the network as their key online social community.

Used effectively, Instagram can enable brands to show an important human and social side to the business, its products and people.

However, many businesses struggle with developing the right content and understanding the key features.


Training Format and Options

Our training delivery is designed to be flexible around your needs. Octave Digital offers a number of options, including:

(1) In-House Delivery: One or two half-day sessions (depending on learning needs)

(2) Online Training Delivery: Typically, three one hour sessions with practical exercises completed in between sessions.

Training Outline:

Part One: Instagram Content Key Skills

  • Instagram fundamentals
  • Taking Photos and Adding Filters
  • Posting to Instagram
  • Hashtags and etiquette
  • Engaging with others (engaging with posts, tagging accounts.)
  • Sharing other content / Regramming
  • Introduction to Stories
  • Creating Stories
  • Shooting Video

Part Two: Marketing Effectively on Instagram

  • Overview of Marketing Opportunities
  • Instagram Business Accounts
  • Examples of Marketing Best Practice (from your industry)
  • Tips on content and engagement
  • Tips on your Instagram Bio
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Developing an Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Instagram Stories – Deep Dive into stories an creating a story for your business
  • Instagram Insights
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Developing an Instagram Marketing Plan

Quickly build skills and confidence on Instagram – contact now to talk through your needs

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