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Smartphone Photography Training

Raise Your Photography Game - With Our Professional Training. Delivered Across Ireland


Effective Social Media relies on quality, attractive content. However so much social media content suffers from dull and poorly taken photography. Smartphones contain lots of fantastic features for capturing and editing stunning shots – but they need to be used in the right way! This is why we have created our Smartphone Photography Training Course…

With our in-person training, professional photographer and trainer Paul Crawford will teach attendees how to take and edit high quality, impactful photos – using smartphones. And our training is delivered direct to you – across Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland !

The course is designed for in-house teams to need to improve their photography skills. It’s delivered in-person to your organisation – aross Ireland.

The half-day course will teach attendees:

  • Introduction to key principles of taking good quality photography
  • Improving composition and positioning of your subject
  • Lighting: Using light to create beautiful images
  • Cropping Images to improve composition quality
  • Recommended editing apps to improve brightness, colour and contrast.
Taking photo with smartphone

Our course is also delivered by a very experienced photography trainer – with a strong record in teaching. Central to our approach is focusing on:

  • Building Knowledge and Understanding
  • Sharing Expert tips
  • Improving through practice
  • Post-training exercise for attendees to demonstrate their skills

We’ve helped the following organisations to boost their photography skills:

  • FDB Insurance
  • Tipperary County Council

About the Trainer

Paul Crawford

Paul has been a full-time professional photographer since 1990 and a specialist in photography training. Paul focusses on teaching photography courses to beginners, as well as advising local businesses wanting to improve their own in-house photography and videos.


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