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LinkedIn For Lead Generation Training


The one-day in-house training workshop will give you the practical skills and knowledge to successfully use LinkedIn for business development and sales. The main focus of the course will be learning how to use Sales Navigator.

As the world’s most important B2B social media network., LinkedIn has over 750 million users worldwide – but only a small percentage come close to realizing the true potential of LinkedIn or are using it effectively. If you care about:

  • Raising the visibility and impact of your company staff online
  • Increasing B2B leads and sales
  • Promoting your company to potential buyers

Then your company will benefit hugely from our in-house LinkedIn training.

Who is The Training For:

The full-day training session is designed primarily for business development, sales, and marketing staff within companies who need to improve their influence in B2B marketing and sales. They will gain important practical skills in using Linkedin and LinkedIn’s powerful program for business development – Sales Navigator. The training is completely bespoke to each client and is delivered in-company across Ireland.

Training Benefits

  • Gain valuable practical skills in key areas of LinkedIn
  • Actively improve your B2B marketing and business development skills
  • Learn how to use the Sales Navigator program

Workshop Content

Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Business, Marketing Recruitment, and Sales Opportunities with LinkedIn
  • Understanding and amending your LinkedIn Settings

Improving Your Linkedin Profile

  • What makes a good profile – examples
  • Creating/adding to your profile
  • Customize your profile

Building Connections on LinkedIn

  • Where to source contacts from
  • Finding contacts and adding them to your network
  • Searching

Raising Your Visibility / Interacting on LinkedIn

  • Brainstorm: types of content to post / Page posts vs personal
  • Status Updates on LinkedIn
  • Engaging with Others
  • Ideas on Content

Raising Your Visibility / Interacting on LinkedIn

  • Brainstorm: types of content to post / Page posts vs personal
  • Status Updates on LinkedIn
  • Engaging with Others
  • Ideas on Content

Searching for People on LinkedIn

  • Overview of LinkedIn Advanced Search
  • Developing targeted lists
  • Performing Boolean Searches

Overview of Other Core Areas of LinkedIn

  • Sales Navigator
  • Linkedin Company Pages
  • Linkedin Advertising

Sales Navigator

  • Overview of Sales Navigator
  • Getting started on Sales Navigator
  • Identifying accounts and gaining a competitive advantage
  • Finding priorities
  • Incorporating Sales Navigator into your Sales and CRM


LinkedIn for Lead Generation Training is delivered by Paul McGarrity.  Paul is a highly experienced Linkedin Trainer and Linkedin Marketing professional helping businesses and organisation quickly build knowledge, practical skills and capability.

He has over a decade of experience in training senior leaders and teams in utilising Linkedin for business, having successfully trained over 100 client organisations. Paul also delivers highly impactful Linkedin services for clients including advertising and Lead Gen campaigns.

Recent experience and results include:

· Linkedin Fundamentals training for Senior Management Team in Irish Education sector
· Linkedin Ads training to enable financial services company to manage Linkedin Ads inhouse
· Set up and Management of international Linkedin Ads campaigns to support regional investment program gain awareness and leads

Paul is also an experienced and successful speaker on social media and has served as the Chair and key presenter of Social Media Belfast since 2014

Check Out Paul’s Linkedin Profile here …


Paul delivered an excellent online LinkedIn training session to our marketing team. It was clear, comprehensive and interactive. I loved the fact we actually used the training course to develop some live LinkedIn ads as this proved very beneficial and great use of the time. I would highly recommend Paul and Octave Digital for LinkedIn training - we plan to have him back for a wider company training session in the near future!

Elaine Tighe, Marketing Manager, FSCOM