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Marketing Audit Review

The technological and digital revolution continues to have an incredibly disruptive impact on business and marketing.


Massive changes in consumer media from search engines through to social media platforms present challenges, but also huge enormous opportunities for businesses. As consumers rapidly adapt their media habits – the challenge for businesses is to have a coherent, modern and effective strategy for marketing.

However, many businesses really struggle with adapting to the modern media environment and have missed key critical opportunities to improve their marketing performance.

Common problems and issues include:

  • Lack of an effective marketing strategy for the business
  • Poor performance on social media
  • Over Over-reliance on dated and ineffective marketing tactics
  • Over Over-reliance on in-experienced staff to manage digital marketing areas
digital marketing audit infographic by Octave Digital

Our marketing audit looks at key areas of your current marketing and identifies areas for improvement. The review contains a strong emphasis on key digital marketing areas that will significantly improve your current marketing.

Each marketing audit is completely tailored to the individual business, and a typical audit may include:

  • Review of current marketing activity and identification of gaps, particularly in digital marketing.
  • How you compete against sector rivals
  • Targeting of your key audiences
  • Performance on search marketing including SEO and paid search
  • Set of recommendations for improvement
lead generation marketing funnel from Octave Digital Marketing Ireland

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