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Marketing Audit and Recommendations

Are you concerned about your marketing performance? Want to identify the core areas where you could improve your marketing reach and impact?


Massive changes in consumer media – from search engines to social media platforms – present challenges, but also present enormous opportunities for businesses.

However, many businesses really struggle with adapting to the modern media environment, and have missed key critical opportunities to improve their marketing performance.

Common problems and issues include:

  • Lack of an effective marketing plan for the business
  • Poor performance on social media
  • Over-reliance on dated and ineffective marketing tactics
  • Over-reliance on inexperienced staff to manage digital marketing areas
digital marketing audit infographic by Octave Digital

Our marketing audit looks at key areas of your current marketing and identifies areas for improvement. The review contains a strong emphasis on key digital marketing areas that will significantly improve your current marketing.

Each marketing audit is completely tailored to the individual business, and a typical audit may include:

  • Review of current marketing activity and identification of gaps, particularly in digital marketing.
  • How you compete against sector rivals
  • Performance on search marketing including SEO and paid search
  • Set of recommendations for improvement
lead generation marketing funnel from Octave Digital Marketing Ireland

Why Gain a Review of your Marketing? 

Modern Marketing is complex, hyper competitive and ever changing 

So many businesses really struggle with key elements of modern marketing and have often missed key critical opportunities to improve their marketing performance.

Often, they will simply ‘bolt-on’ digital marketing areas with little understanding as to its effectiveness. 

Some of the core gaps and vulnerabilities we uncover during Audit exercises include: 

  1. Social Media Marketing is ineffective at gaining reach and engagement 
  2. Poor Prioritisation of High RoI Digital Marketing Methods
  3. An over-Reliance on inexperienced staff to manage Digital Marketing

Marketing Audit – Core Areas:

Establishing your business and marketing objectives

The fundamental starting point for marketing improvement is to assess how your marketing is meeting your organisational objectives. As part of this benchmark we focus on establishing the  types of audiences that need to be reached and the core marketing outcomes required.

Reach: Are you actually reaching and influencing your target audiences?

Highly revealing data showing the level of reach and awareness your organisation has across key online platforms – from Google Search to leading social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin.  

Platforms and Media: What platforms and online media are you utilising? Identifying gaps and areas for improvements 

We start by delivering a professional review of your website – assessing key areas from content to the user experience and conversion rates.  We also explore key opportunities across other digital platforms designed to educate, inform and entice audiences – that may be under-utilised such as:

  • Media: Video content; Case Studies, eBrochures, social media content
  • Advertising: Highly targeted Social Media Advertising; Google Search Advertising
  • CRM:  Customer Relationship Management platforms

Measuring Performance and Success

Development of a set of metrics on your performance across the key digital and social media areas. We’ll also guide you on the metrics and measurements that matter most your organisational objectives.

Overall Recommendations 

Finally, The Octave Digital Marketing Review and Audit includes a highly valuable set of recommendations on the key marketing activity and improvements that you need to make to improve your marketing.

Who We’ve Helped 

The Octave Digital Marketing Review Audit has helped organisations and business across Ireland to gain a professional report on improving their marketing activity and performance. 

Very often they’ve been unaware of the lack of reach and impact from their existing marketing and advertising.

Following our audits and recommendations – businesses and organisations have been able to significantly reduce marketing waste and invest in areas leading to a proven, valuable increase in their visibility, leads and sales! 

Wicklow County Council 

“Paul’s work and expert knowledge enabled us to quickly understand the key improvements required to utilise social media effectively. Wicklow County Council now have a clear framework for managing social media, best practice examples on great social media content and practical skills for staff.  I would certainly recommend Paul to other local authorities who need to improve their social media performance.”

Lorraine Gallagher: Senior Executive Officer, Enterprise and Corporate Services

Octave Digital is offering a significantly discounted rate for its Marketing Audit service in 2022 – open to a limited number of customers. Gain the insights needed to transform your marketing – contact us today.

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