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Ruth Young

Social Media Manager - Associate


Ruth Young is a Chartered (CIM) digital marketing professional with 19 years of experience working across public, private, and non-profit sectors.

A highly experienced, reliable and impactful social media manager Ruth has managed the social media paid and organic activity for several Octave Digital , including:

  • Royal Canal Greenway
  • The Malone Hotel
  • European Recycling Platform

Over the past five years, Ruth has worked with over 300 organisations across public, private and non profit sectors, providing tailored solutions to maximize their social media impact. Her services encompass training, mentoring, strategy development, account troubleshooting, and management of paid advertising campaigns across platforms including Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

She excels in crafting effective social media marketing and paid online campaigns that align with her clients’ unique goals and target audiences.

Ruth successfully optimises campaigns, an example including reducing a cost per click from a staggering £22.30 to a mere £0.09 within just three months for a client. Through meticulous data analysis and strategic campaign refinements, Ruth delivered exceptional results.

Ruth regularly updates her knowledge and credentials. In 2023, she completed bootcamps and earned certifications in Twitter Ads Management, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, ensuring her clients benefit from the latest industry best practices and advertising strategies.