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Social Media Content Management


Let’s state the truth – most businesses struggle with being highly effective on social media.

So many businesses face everyday problems with social media, including:


Time: Social Media is very time-intensive – huge time resources can be spent on social media performed by already busy staff who don’t want to it!

Skills: Most social media content is poor and ineffective – performed by staff that lack the skills to do it effectively.

Advertising: Little or incorrect use of social media advertising that can be hugely effective if done correctly!


While some businesses can help address these problems via focussed training, many actually need another solution – to hire in an expert service to fully manage all of their social media.

Social Media Content Management

Our service will radically and quickly improve your success on social media. We use our creativity and expertise to develop and post fresh and engaging content across social media. We’ll also utilise highly effective social media advertising to focus in on your ideal target audiences.

Service Outline

Operated by experienced Social Media professionals, our  Social Media Content Management Service will deliver a steady stream of professionally written, creative and engaging content. This will be used in conjunction with our highly impactful advertising service.

The outline of the service is as follows:

  • Planning: Development of an overall social media strategy
  • Content: Regular social media content design and posting
  • Engagement Activity: Positive interaction with with people and stakeholders
  • Monitoring Posts for comments and issues
  • Advertising: Social Media Advertising – Ensuring your ads and messaging is seen by your target audience at the right time.

Service Delivery

Our service is built upon the design and delivery of activity by highly experienced social media professionals.

At the start of the service, we shall agree a process for the smooth running of the content management, typically based on:

  • Set out monthly plans for content / Approved by client
  • Content drafted and supplied
  • Client approval
  • Content Posting
  • Engagement and Interaction
  • Results Reporting


Typical Costs for Social Media Content Management start from £700 per month / €950 per month


Octave Digital deliver a professional social media management service for organisations and businesses across Ireland and have successfully delivered the service for:

  • Special EU Projects Body: Social Media Channel and content management for SEUPB – a cross-border body administering funds worth over €500 million
  • Monaghan Tourism: Design and posting of creative and engaging content to promote the best of Monaghan tourism, events and festivals
Facebook paid ad results for Cavan Tourism

We are now taking on new retained clients for our Social Media Management Service. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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