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HubSpot Business Growth Service


The Octave Digital Business Growth Service is a professionally managed service to ensure you rapidly and significantly improve your marketing and business development outcomes. 

Our Growth service is set up and managed by professionals, who are highly experienced in their respective marketing area. 

Essentially we act as your external service for ensuring a demonstrable increase in quality leads and improvement in customer retention.

The ongoing service reports to you with clear evidence of marketing and business development success. 

Each business has very distinct needs, requiring a bespoke approach. We will develop and implement business growth activity based on elements including:

Inbound Marketing: 

Campaigns across core digital areas including paid social, search advertising and video – that significantly improve your visibility and increase relevant traffic to your site. 

  • Search Advertising – fully-managed Google Ads service ensuring your business starts to see a significant increase in the volume and quality of traffic to your site.
  • social media advertising – powerful lead-based advertising focused on Linkedin to micro-target audiences quickly and effectively.
  • Email Marketing – Use email marketing to connect with and engage existing contacts.
Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising –

Content Creation: 

Development of creative, engaging content across multiple areas – from e-brochures to social media ads, blogging and advertising development.

Lead Nurturing and Scoring: 

On-going activity to prioritise leads, together with business development activity to boost sales, including a lead scoring system to help you qualify and assess leads.

Lead Scoring

Sequence Creation & optimisation

Automate Follow-Up Emails with Sequences – via a series of targeted, timed email templates to nurture contacts over time


Each month we’ll bring you through the key achievements of the service – with clear data-based evidence of: 

  • Increased leads 
  • Valuable customer interactions 
  • Solid opportunities for business development 

The report will form the basis of an action and activity list for the marketing and sales teams 

HubSpot Business Growth Service

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